We work with, and for, you.


As a business owner and entrepreneur it is likely that your blood, sweat, and tears went into building your business. Protect your hard-earned investment with insurance solutions as unique as your business.


We will become your valued partner and our business solutions will help you to streamline your processes, take mundane tedious tasks off your hands, and free up your time to focus on what matters most to your business.


Grow from Crisis Management to Risk Management. Focus on revenue producing activities and leave the non-revenue producing activities to us, your expert partners.

Every client deserves the quickness of technology today with a human touch to walk with you through the process. We make sure all T’s are crossed and all I’s are dotted. You will know every aspect of your policy – no hidden fees, no hidden surprises. Our experienced service reps focus on guidance and good advice.​ We’ll walk you through the entire process and only sign off on your service if we know it’s the best fit for you. There is no commitment – your rep will match you with the best service for your business at the best price, or we’ll show you who can.



Whether your payroll needs are basic or advanced, we’ve got you covered.

Human Resources

Resources, compliance, safety, handbooks, and more. All of your HR needs are taken care of.

Risk Management

Identify, analyze, and prioritize risk with a dedicated professional to optimize your work space.

Chances are, you started your own business because you wanted to challenge the status quo. Maybe you saw there was a better way of doing things, or you had a vision for an entirely new product that you wanted to bring to life. Regardless of how you started, executing on your business vision has required nothing less than an all-in approach. Whether it’s optimizing operations, protecting your employees, or charting out your future growth strategy, every day of owning your own business is filled with an ever-expanding list of to-dos. And more than likely, you couldn’t envision a better or more fulfilling existence for yourself.

Want to Know How You Can Grow Your Business by Decreasing Non-Revenue Producing Overhead?

Watch this informative live session from our CEO, Steve Martino, about how you can grow your business by decreasing non-revenue producing overheads.

Topics covered in this section:


Challenges Faced by Small Businesses


How to Find the Right Agency/Broker


How to Reduce Overhead Cost

Testimonial – Newcastle Gardens

Thank you so much for (sorting out our insurance) for us on a tight turn time. You guys are so awesome to work with!

Jess & Matt Mermod

Newcastle Gardens

Testimonial – Auto Gator

Steve came across as knowledgeable and kind. I have better peace of mind knowing we are working with professionals who really know HR.

Ron Dumas

Auto Gator, Inc.

Testimonial – Palladino Painting

MartinoWest has impeccable customer service. They provide backend support that feels like they are ‘your team’. They have been a business lifesaver for us! 15 years of reliable trustworthy experience and still going strong. We are grateful to have MartinoWest on our side!

Karen Palladino

Palladino Painting

Testimonial – Fiberglass Specialties

A business my size doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with HR issues. Working with MW makes dealing with my payroll and HR issues much easier.

Charles Teran

Fiberglass Specialties