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The Adventures of Steve

Studs on the Loose: The Three Wheeled Thrill Ride

By June 26, 2024No Comments

Cruising down the highway in his trusty van, trailer in tow, Steve heard a loud “BANG!”. To his great surprise, he noticed his back tire rolling down the road in front of him! It seems all 8 studs decided to hold mutiny, sending it bouncing down the freeway.

Faced with a runaway wheel, some might lose their cool, but not Steve. He calmly pulled over, only to discover the rogue rubber had launched itself across the interstate and down a ravine a good half-mile down the road.

After a good dose of exercise and a touch of roadside sunshine, Steve finally caught up to his wayward wheel. With a sigh of relief, he called for a tow and headed to the tire shop. But just as he was settling into a feeling of accomplishment, the trailer unhitched from the tow truck, adding to the series of unfortunate events!

After several hours, a few choice words and a couple other mishaps, Steve thanked his lucky stars, and was back on the road. His original destination wouldn’t be reached until much later that night, but hey, at least he had a good story to tell!

Steve’s miss-adventure is a great reminder that even when things take a detour, perseverance and a positive attitude can get you back on track. After all, a little roadside adventure never hurt anyone (except maybe Steve’s calves).