Employer Practices Liability



Managing employees is no easy feat. Behind every employment decision is a potential claim or lawsuit. Employer practices liability insurance (EPLI) is not mandatory to have, but it is highly recommended. It provides coverage for discrimination, wage and hour claims, wrongful termination, and more. 

Managing employees? Make sure you, the owner, are covered.

 You may or may not be aware, but approximately 1-in-5 commercial insurance claims are employment practice related. As employees become more aware of their rights, so should you.

EPLI is a crucial coverage for businesses of all types and sizes. It protects the business from an employee’s claim when their legal rights as a worker have been violated. Wrongful termination, sexual harassment, breach of employment contract, and discrimination – just to name a few.

Working with a MartinoWest expert is the best way to make sure you secure an EPLI policy that covers your business.