Inland Marine



Do you have goods in a warehouse run by a third party? Do you ship valuable items? Do you own work vehicles that carry equipment and tools? Then you need an inland marine policy.

Cover your property while in transit or off the premises.

Inland marine policies provide coverage for property that regularly leaves your premises in the custody of yourself or an employee or a trusted third party.

It’s easy to assume that your equipment is covered under your commercial property insurance. However, your commercial property insurance policy only covers items listed specifically at the insured location. Inland marine covers some of your exposure gaps by protecting your items when they’re on the go. This includes transportation methods such as:

  • Air
  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Car
  • On Non-Owned Premises, such as when you are on the job

Working with a MartinoWest expert is the best way to make sure your inland marine policy covers all of your valuable assests.