For many industries, the threat of an environmental disaster from a pollution spill is a dreaded risk. Clean-up expenses could sky rocket into the millions of dollars which is detrimental for any business. Most business insurance policies exclude pollution which makes this policy even more important. 

Protect your business and the environment.

Pollution insurance was created specifically to manage the costs associated with pollution clean-up. It also covers liability claims for pollution-related injuries, illnesses or deaths. Policies cover any type of small-scale pollution that causes contamination of soil, groundwater or property.

Businesses that produce hazardous waste emissions during manufacturing (including oil, agribusiness, construction, excavation, waste depositories, and asbestos abatement) should look into getting a pollution liability policy. This specialized form of insurance supplements other business-oriented liability policies, creating a blanket of protection for business assets.

Working with a MartinoWest expert is the best way to make sure your pollution policy covers your business properly.