When a liability claim goes above the aggregate limit of liability, the policy limits are exhausted or maxxed out.  A commercial umbrella policy can go above and beyond to protect your business from being responsible for the excess liability. 

Extend your coverage.

Any business, no matter the size or industry, can benefit from having an umbrella policy in place. Accidents always happen, and there is always a chance that you will face a lawsuit that exceeds your current policy limits.

Your primary business insurance may be sufficient to protect you against the usual kinds of loss. But if an award or settlement exceeds the limits of your policy, that additional financial burden falls to you and your company. Umbrella policies are designed to sit on top of your existing general liability policy to go above and beyond your current limits. When your general liablility policy is exhausted, the umbrella kicks in to cover the excess liability. 

Working with a MartinoWest expert is the best way to make sure your GL policy covers your business properly.